Our Value

FMeX offers the world’s largest content library built exclusively for the financial services industry with a single goal of helping financial professionals provide personalized communications in order to enhance client relationships and increase sales.

Our Product

FMeX provides access to an organized, searchable and customizable content library, curated as follows:

  • Structured Content – searchable database of more than 5,000 licensed articles written specifically for the financial services industry, by financial professionals. Structured content is organized in 15 categories, including Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Educational Planning, Tax Planning, Insurance, Investing and more.
  • Unstructured Content – searchable database of content items produced specifically by and for financial services firms. FMeX's curation software enables our editorial staff to find, aggregate and curate the most relevant and highest quality content available across the internet.
  • Regulatory Content – searchable database of regulatory documents produced by top financial services firms. Regulatory content is organized by firm and includes prospectuses, summary prospectuses, annual reports, semi-annual reports, statements of additional information, proxies and more.

Our Technology

FMeX is powered by marketing technology for the future – all to help transform the way financial professionals connect with clients and win more customers. Our cutting-edge technology enables users to create amazing content experiences with simplicity, speed, and instant scale.

FMeX is a single, unified solution that allows users to organize relevant financial content that is delivered with the information security and content governance capabilities needed to achieve information risk, compliance and security objectives.

  • One platform to access and deliver content to any device no matter where it resides
  • Provides a unified set of productivity tools that enables a mobile user to present and work with any content type
  • Delivers an amazing user experience that ensures adoption with an interface that can be customized to provide a branded experience
  • Automates business processes, setting a new standard for the type of business that can be conducted on a mobile device
  • Provides insight into user interaction with content and it’s value to the organization
  • Unlocks expertise and knowledge, creates expert networks that enables knowledge to be shared across teams
  • Content security and governance capabilities that exceeds the need of IT organizations

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